Unit 25 maintaining computer systems p1

Typically, an operating system assigns each program its own virtual address space.

Unit 25 maintaining computer systems p1

P1,P2 Procurement IT companies and other groups that uses computer systems need to acquire the systems that will be used. They can be acquired through the means of purchase or lease, both ways result in issues. The purchased computers will have to be replaced when faulty, purchasing from a supplier each time a computer breaks can become very expensive.

Sustainability The organisation will have to plan for when the systems are no longer usable; they will have to plan how they will recycle the parts once they have expired. This includes the storage of the system whether it will be collected progressively or all at the same time.

They will have to plan the transport of the expired parts whether they will have in house transport or have it transported by an external company. The last main thing they have to play is where will it go, what is the best recycling plant, is it close enough for internal transport or will it be too far, will the external transport be required.

Environmental issues The environment around the computer systems will cause issues. Keeping the environment around the computer at the optimum condition will reduce faults significantly.

A main problem in the environments around computer is dust, making sure that there is a limited amount of dust around the computer. The dust can block the air flow heating up the parts in the computer which can reduce the speed or stop the computer all together.

Maintenance unit P1,P2

So making a plan and a schedule. Reporting During the planning and preparation stage, it is wise to create a way to report any faults that are encountered this will allow the system maintainers to know what to look for when there is a fault, proper documentation will give a reference to the other members of the maintenance team when they encounter the fault, so it decreases the time that the system is out of use.

Eventually with enough logging and reports, most faults will have enough information on them that they can be solved nearly instantaneously. Health and safety The way the computers systems are stored and used in a company apply, if not stored or used properly it could be a hazard to the people and the system around them, to stop these hazards from happening organisations implement health and safety policies to make sure the workers and the environment around them.

When planning computer maintenance Health and safety must be taken into account before making any plans to do so, the workers must know how to be safe around the system.

Stopping danger stops the risk of; the worker getting hurt, the worker suing the organisation. Workers suing would disrupt the work efficiency across the company as workers and systems will be missing.

Although keeping workers safe is at the utmost importance, mishandling the system could damage or ruin it. This will have an effect on the work effort being produced.

When these conditions are met the problem will be given to the level above, this is escalation. This stops the lower level members making mistakes on some important parts of the system and causing more problems that the higher levels will have to deal with.Essay Unit Digital Graphics P1, M1.

The Role of Components within a given computer system in the Production and Manipulation of Graphics Introduction: In this assignment, I will explain the role of hardware and software components within a computer system.

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Unit 25 maintaining computer systems p1

Unit 13 - P1 / Unit 25 - P1 [] Explain the issues organisations must consider when planning computer systems maintenance. forget to follow certain policies and they would get up to An example would be the procedures that need to be taken to maintain a computer system, these procedures will fall under certain policies and regulations to.

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A memory management unit (MMU), sometimes called paged memory management unit (PMMU), is a computer hardware unit having all memory references passed through itself, primarily performing the translation of virtual memory addresses to physical ashio-midori.com is usually implemented as part of the central processing unit (CPU), but it also can be in the form of a separate integrated circuit.

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