The need for safety securement devices in the emergency room

Violence in the workplace is a manifestation of this problem, with homicide being the third leading cause of occupational death among all workers in the United States from to Jenkins et al, and the leading cause of fatal occupational injuries among women from to Levin et al, Higher rates of occupational homicides were found in the retail and service industries, especially among sales workers Jenkins et al, This increased risk may be explained by contact with the public and the handling of money Kraus, The risk is increased particularly in emotionally charged situations with mentally disturbed persons or when workers appear to be unprotected.

The need for safety securement devices in the emergency room

Out of Sight, Out of Mind? When most people think about cargo securement, their thoughts turn to flatbed trailers because they get the bulk of these types of violations. Under the general rules, all cargo must be secured on or within the vehicle by structures of adequate strength, dunnage or airbags to fill the space between the cargo and the wall of the vehicle.

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The regulations also specify that the securement must withstand the forces of 0. What exactly are 0. For the average load on a van trailer that is palletized on regular pallets, weighing 30 to 40 thousand pounds, evenly loaded front to back in the trailer, with no spaces between the front or the sides of the walls and all the way to the doors, no other securement is required.

You need to make sure that the cargo does not move, by using blocking and bracing, dunnage, airbags, friction mats, load straps, load bars or any other means necessary to fill that space to prevent the cargo from moving. Why is it important to fill the space and prevent the cargo from moving?

First of all, if the cargo is moving around, it will most likely get damaged during transit. That, in turn, will most likely be refused by the customer. The second reason is safety. Have you ever tried to push something that is quite heavy? If you are standing next to the object and just try pushing, it can be very hard to get that object moving, but if you take a run-up and use your momentum to get the object moving, it is much easier to get the object moving.

The same concept applies with your cargo. If it has room to move, it gains momentum and is much hard to stop moving. This movement could have an impact on the stability of the vehicle, which could lead to loss of control or a rollover.

You have a load of machined steel components. They are in 12, 4ft X 4ft steel bins and weight 42,lbs. If you load all 12 bins in the front of your trailer, up against the bulkhead, with two 2 bins side by side, you will have too much weight in the front of the trailer and overload your drive axles.

You have a couple of options. You will also have to check the weight limits and tandem settings for the States that you will be driving through to make your delivery. This may also dictate which option you use to load the cargo. Using seasoned hardwood, nail two pieces of 2x4 lengths of lumber into the trailer floor, in front of the first two bins.

You will also need lumber braces, nailed to the trailer floor behind the 6 bins at the nose of the trailer and the 6 bins at the rear of the trailer to prevent any rearward movement.This paper is to describe the need for safety securement devices in the emergency room. It will discuss the benefits of safety securement devices for patients and the hospital/5(5).

NHTSA has long recognized the safety need for school buses to provide means for readily accessible emergency egress in the event of a crash or other emergency. The agency addressed this safety need by issuing Safety Standard No.

, Bus Emergency Exits and Window Retention Release (49 CFR Section ). Nurse (RN) or an emergency technician (ED tech). B. Indwelling catheters should only be inserted when necessary.

or in the operating room.) 3. Explain procedure to patient or caregiver as appropriate emphasizing the need to maintain a sterile field. Secure the catheter loosely to the thigh with an approved securement device on the side.

Guidelines For Security and Safety Of Health Care And Community Service Workers Emergency room personnel face a significant risk of injury from assaults by patients, but in addition, may be abused by relatives or other persons associated with the patient. the prevention and correction of security problems and personal protection devices.

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The need for safety securement devices in the emergency room

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