Strategic business planning training course

CONTACT US Program Description This one-day workshop is structured so that participants understand the relevant concepts and skills that are used by corporate leaders in their strategic planning process. It includes a review of key concepts and multiple hands-on exercises at critical stages of the strategic planning process. Participants will leverage a short real-life business scenario throughout the workshop, as well as refer to their own organization's current situation.

Strategic business planning training course

strategic business planning training course

ID About This Course: By attending, you will look at how you currently view your role in the organization, and how your duties, responsibilities, and outlook will change by learning key solutions, best practices, and strategic problem solving skills for improving your organization's bottom line.

This means you must be able to influence organizational change and connect HR to the bottom line. Establishing yourself as an HR Leader - and preparing for a strategic leadership role and the responsibilities that go along with it - requires additional training and expertise.

strategic business planning training course

Our "Strategic HR Leadership Workshop" prepares HR professionals to excel as leaders in organizations of all sizes because it provides the vital knowledge and outlook needed to become a strategic leader - not just within the HR function - but for the overall organization.

By utilizing lecture, Interactive Exercises, and years of practical experience, our trainers will give you the insight you need to be an effective HR Leader - and earn your certificate in strategic leadership! By attending, you will learn how to plan and execute against key leadership ideas and issues, as well as how to cultivate your leadership presence.

Specifically, you will learn: Although there are no specific pre-requisites for attending this course, individuals seeking a less-advanced class should attend our Certificate Program For HR Generalists.

Entry Requirements

An "Early Bird" discount is offered for registrations made 30 days prior to the seminar date, so register today!Familiarity with business strategy at an introductory level, such as by having attended Understanding business strategy (live online training course with Sharon Mertz) Prior experience with planning (such strategic planning, business planning, or long-range projections).

Strategic Planning LEAD; 1 Day, Instructor-led Course Description. This one-day course combines interactive lectures, with hands-on planning activities, and straightforward tools that show you how to leverage business insights to plan your company’s future success.

This course gives you tools to become a security business leader who can build and execute strategic plans that resonate with other business executives, create effective information security policy, and develop management and leadership skills to better lead, inspire, and motivate your teams.

Meirc offers Strategic Thinking and Planning and other Planning and Strategy Management related training courses in Abu Dhabi, Barcelona, Cairo, Dubai, Jeddah, Riyadh, Across the GCC.

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This course will help improve long-term organizational performance through the use of strategic planning tools. Participants will explore the framework that provides the foundation of a successful business strategy, focusing on the main components of a strategy and practicing the development of an efficient strategic plan.

Strategic & Business Planning Strategic & Business Planning training. A strategic plan defines how you intend to achieve your vision.

Strategic workforce planning helps create a decision framework that aligns workforce variables with the broader organizational strategy that ensures you have the right talent when you need it. A workforce strategy that is agile enough to evolve with the business strategy can lead to positive results on the bottom line. Training is suitable for. Contact us at [email protected] to arrange a brief call to discuss your training needs. Once your training needs and objectives are properly understood and documented we will provide you with an estimate to provide your standard or customized training course on-site. This strategic planning workshop offers a framework for deciding a strategic direction and identifying short-term and long-term goals. The training course is designed for groups who want to identify their current state and determine a path forward. The program is taught in a seminar format and offered onsite.

It isn’t a woolly, over generalised statement of intent or an aspirational statement.

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