Research papers about drugs in professional sports

Sports is an integral part of everyday life. Life long benefits of child sports. Does youth sports play a part in character formation? How has sports evolved with technological advances?

Research papers about drugs in professional sports

Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports By: Athletes take these drugs believing that it provides a competitive advantage. They also take these drugs because they have an image they have to uphold. Many people, children in addition to adults, look up to these people.

Against doping in sport

They feel as though they have something to prove at every game. Athletes feel the need to win at all costs, even if it means taking drugs. Performance-enhancing drugs, which are also known as anabolic steroids, are the reason athletes are violating ethics and laws to be the best player ever.

Steroids can be taken orally, or they can be injected. No matter how a person takes steroids, it will still have a negative effect on his or her body and career.

Steroids, taken both orally and injected, can be detected months after it was taken. The body tolerates the injectable steroids more effectively than the oral steroids. High school students have also started to take these illegal drugs. Many adolescents take steroids because they want to be like older and better athletes.

If professional athletes do engage in this risky behavior, younger athletes are going to be tempted to do the same. Younger athletes look up to professional athletes. They imitate what the professionals wear, how they talk, and how they compete in their games.

Children love to imitate those they admire. Taylor Hooton, the high school student who died as a result of depression attributed to steroid use, was asked by his father, before he died, "Why do you take steroids?

Barry Bonds does" Matheson, Not only does it make users artificially superior to their contemporaries and Performance-Enhancing drugs 3 forebears, it also poses potentially serious health risks Staudohar, Steroids have many side effects both mentally and physically.

The side effects of drugs do not seem to matter to athletes. Steroid use has serious side effects that can be mild or fatal. Some physical side effects for men are reduced sperm count, impotence, and development of breasts, shrinking of the testicles, and difficulty or pain while urinating.

The physical side effects for women are facial hair growth, deepened voice, breast reduction and changes in their menstrual cycle. Physical side effects for adolescents are the same including premature growth.

Steroid use can also be fatal with continued use. In the Pulsestudies show oral steroids greatly increase the risk of suicide by more than four fold at high doses, a new study of UK general practice concludes.

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Previous research has suggested the drugs adversely affect mental health, but the new study of half a million patients is the first to link them to suicide. Current use of oral steroids raised the risk of suicide 2.

Steroids are known to halting growth in adolescents. Although these side effects can seriously affect athletes, they still feel as though they need to take them. Athletes use steroids because they believe it will make them better than everyone else.

Athletes have a certain image they have to maintain for the public. Looking good and playing harder is more important to players than staying healthy.

Performance-Enhancing drugs 4 Players feel pressure from many people around them. Coaches sometimes pressure athletes to do well because of stats. If the athlete looks good, people may think it is because of the coach.The Awful Truth About Drugs in Sports Cheaters can't be stopped.

Testing costs a fortune. It's shockingly easy to beat the system. The drug cops are perpetually playing catch-up. There has been a huge amount of academic, policy, and public debate over the years about doping in sport (i.e.

the use of banned performance enhancing substances or drugs and other prohibited. Research Paper: Controversy of Performance Enhancing Drug Use; Welcome to Delicate template. Just another WordPress site. Research Paper: Controversy of Performance Enhancing Drug Use.

Controversy of Performance Enhancing Drug Use. Noah Smith With the money that major professional sports athletes make, money .

Research papers about drugs in professional sports

professional athletes, but that these drugs had been found in sports teams at the collegiate and high school levels.

Further research must be developed to better understand how to stop this problem before severe health risks may begin to develop. Sports Medicine is a branch of medicine which deals with physical fitness and the treatment and the prevention of injuries related to sports and exercise for health, drugs in sport and recommendations for training and nutrition.

Studying the prevalence of performance-enhancing substances

Aug 13,  · We have picked such directions as sports medicine, sports injury, sports theory, nutrition, doping, tennis, cricket, soccer, and other sports psychology research paper topics.

Lets check them out! Sports Medicine Research Paper Topics Chronobiological features of respiratory functions in highly qualified athletes.

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