Movie analysis rubric organization remember the titans

Contact Author Film Analysis — Remember the Titans This paper will analyze Remember the Titans through a social-psychological perspective using principles that are depicted in the film. Social-psychological perspectives consist of the behaviors and events that occur in real life and the reactions and adaptations that ensue as a result. This paper will go on to analyze Remember the Titans through the social-psychological principles of racism, the realistic conflict theory, and conformity. While analyzing Remember the Titans, the three social-psychological principles show their differences, yet all of them are interconnected.

Movie analysis rubric organization remember the titans

In a town awash with anger and prejudice, new coach Herman Boone is given the task of forming a winning team from two disparate groups. Boone makes the message visual and memorable with an early morning run to the Gettysburg Memorial.

Surveying the graves of 50, men killed in the same battle for racial equality, the penny starts to drop. Coach Boone with Coach Yoast 2. It includes a snubbed assistant, Coach Yoast, who stays only to avert a player boycott, and brings his bigoted colleague with him.

But Boone builds on positive support where he can, shining a light on the unprejudiced Louie Lastik to show the culture he wants. As he gets his message across, he builds a stronger team in Yoast and the natural leaders of the white and black players, Gary and Julius.

Develop the change vision and strategy At training camp, Boone outlines his vision for the team: His strategy to get there?

A racially integrated team, selected only on merit, and honed by hard work on the training field. Julius reiterates the vision once again during the final game, helping the team to push on to an unlikely victory.

Communicate for understanding and buy-in Boone backs up his vision of a racially harmonious team with a number of actions.

Movie analysis rubric organization remember the titans

He ensures players sit on the bus and room with team mates of a different colour. Key players Gary and Julius exchange views 5.

Movie analysis rubric organization remember the titans

Coach Yoast ditches his loyal but prejudiced assistant, while Gary cuts Ray from the team. Produce short-term wins With their town still full of racial unrest, early victories help build momentum.

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Those who play their part are also recognised. Forced to replace the quarterback early in their third game, Boone turns to the talented but uncertain Ronnie Bass. He tells him a brief story about how he lost his mother and father when he was 15, and how he needed to step up because his brothers and sisters needed him.

The story gives Ronnie the strength he needs to help win the game, and Boone publicly congratulates him at the end. But they keep up the momentum. And team members themselves call a meeting to revitalise their flagging momentum.

From it comes a unique new warm-up ritual, and a renewed sense of solidarity to further bond the team. Create a new culture The success of the Titans models the way in showing how racial integration can work. You might also enjoyWe recently decided to show a movie to our 6th, 7th and 8th grade students on the last day of school.

But when we started brainstorming ideas we had some difficulty coming up with movie titles that (a) the students would like and (b) we thought would be worth showing.. Listed below are the movies we came up with after consulting a variety of experts including: current middle school students.

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"We do not prop ourselves up on ceremony in the [Aerial] Corps, whatever you may have been used to in the Navy." Sometimes, this is justified by having the organization in question not be a real military, or a combined military/civilian organization. Sometimes, the work is set in a time or place.

Analysis of Remember the Titans Analysis of Remember the Titans Introduction The film, Remember the Titans is as sport film drama that is about a coach leading a football team comprising of members of both races (Poulton & Roderick , pp).

Remember the Titans – Movie Analysis. December 1, Remember the Titans – Movie Analysis. “Before we reach for hate, always, always we remember the Titans.” Thanks to the work and dedication of the coaches, they changed the attitude of a high school football team, who in turn changed the attitude of an entire community.

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