Mother knows best

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Mother knows best

Background[ edit ] "Mother Knows Best" was co-written by composer Alan Menken pictured opposite lyricist Glenn Slaterwrote the song in the style of a musical theatre number at the behest of directors Byron Howard and Nathan Greno.

Menken and Slater wrote "Mother Knows Best" as a musical theater -inspired song at the behest of directors Byron Howard and Nathan Greno[1] who specifically asked that the songwriters provide Tangled with "a musical theatre moment".

Mother knows best

Gothel, whose eternal youth and beauty solely relies on the safety and protection of Rapunzel's magical hair, [14] denies this request by sarcastically reminding her that "mother knows best," [15] [16] [17] warning her ward Mother knows best "the world is full of wicked people who want to steal her hair's magic," [18] while explaining to her that it's "for her own good," [19] claiming to only want to protect her.

Though Mother Gothel sings, 'soon, but not yet,' but ironically later says, 'Rapunzel, don't ever ask to leave this tower Analyzing the Art of Adapting Fairy Tales, author Conny Eisfeld observed that "Mother Knows Best" emphasizes Gothel's "status of superiority", in spite of the fact that "her existence solely depend[s] on Rapunzel.

Mother Knows Best

This is shown consistently through all her appearances in the film, but comes out clearly very early indeed, with the song 'Mother Knows Best'. Urban of Urban Cinefile wrote that the song's music and lyrics are "as theatrical as is [its] character. Louis Post-Dispatch described the song as a "Broadway-targeted tune" with "a mercenary undertone.

Teena Elizabeth of BookMyShow also observed that at one point the song contradicts itself, with its lyrics first implying that Rapunzel that can leave "soon, but not yet", only to eventually conclude, "Rapunzel will never leave the tower ever.

The Scotsman hailed it as Tangled's "finest song. For another, their archness Gothel sings with a forearm to her forehead suggests that the filmmakers want to have it both ways — to be sincere and to sneer. Appreciation from the Greatest Minds in History by Familius.Mother knows best She got a zombie army to serve her well She got a thousand bloodhounds from the gates of Hell She got a hundred black horses with sulphur and coal on their breath And she rides the unbelievers down Mother knows best She says, bring me your first-born I'll suck their blood.

She waved her mother a goodbye, and this time Ann just returned the gesture wishing the young woman a wonderful day. Watching her daughter leave, Ann's happy expression grew until she was sure her daughter was truly gone.

Mother knows best

Mother Knows Best: The Natural Way to Train Your Dog [Carol Lea Benjamin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. With more than , copies sold, Mother Knows Best is one of the top training books of all time.

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Based on the natural way a mother dog trains her puppies/5(). Apr 13,  · A woman urges her daughter to get married. And when her daughter does, she doesn't think that she made a good choice.

So she goes out and hires a killer to kill her son-in-law/10(). Mother knows best, Take it from your mumsy “He’s right you know?

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Everything he says, every reason he gives you. He’s right, and I have to agree with him. I don’t want you out there with us. It’s to dangerous. I can’t do my job, knowing you’re out there in harm’s way.” Steve paces back and forth.

Nov 20,  · Does mother knows best here or are mothers sometimes wrong Mothers play an intricate part in our dating life. When we meet who we perceive as the one we happily make plans to introduce our new boo to our mothers.

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