Min zhan lu writing as struggle meaning

Qigong is a modern term that refers to a variety of practices involving slow movement, meditation, and regulated breathing. Qigong-like exercises have historically been practiced by Buddhist monks, Daoist martial artists, and Confucian scholars as a means of spiritual, moral, and physical refinement. In the late s, Chinese scientists purported to have discovered the material existence of the qi energy that qigong seeks to harness. At one time, over 2, disciplines of qigong were being taught.

Min zhan lu writing as struggle meaning

RESISTANCE WARS -- Political, Social, Cultural, Historical Analysis Of China

The first was Silence to Words: Both were from the perspective of learning English as an additional language, and the struggle that accompanies it when learning as a child.

In both readings, English was encouraged by their families. For Min-Zhan Lu, her parents hired a live-in tutor, and at home, they spoke English. At school, she spoke Standard Chinese.

Since she started at the age of four, learning came easily, and she attached one mean to each word she learned. However, as she aged and with the dynamics of her country changing to socialism, in high school, she realized her home language and her school language were in conflict. This conflict of discourse caused her to withdraw and become silent, and she felt a great lack of control.

However, his struggle to find the discourse lead him to withdraw from his family and pursue academia. He read in a devouring manner to find the verbiage, to imitate what he learn in school, and he was praised for doing such. He saw himself as a scholarship boy. This ultimately took him to London where he was among the elite in his field of Renessiance study.

Min-zhan Lu Analytical Response

As he sat in the British Museum, he also realized how lonely he was, and longed for home. With each of essays, the writer felt conflicted between who they were at home and who they were at school.

While Min-Zhan Lu ultimately was grateful for her conflicts and what she learned from them, Richard Rodriguez seems to have had more of struggle learning where he and his voice fit into the discourse around him.

As a much older student, I relate to their struggles.

min zhan lu writing as struggle meaning

While my nationality does not separate me from the college discourse, my age, and background do cause a conflict. When having discussions in classes, I am aware of my separation from the others.

Many find discussing juxtapositions of various essays and quoting Burke, or Chaucer, or expounding on the latest classical works they have read to establish themselves a place in academia; I am questioning why I am even there.

A part of me likes the jargon used, but I know I can not use it outside the classroom. Moreover, when I am around my family and friends, I am careful not to use the language of academia, and since many of my friends are already past college they have no real desire to hear about what I am doing there; they merely tolerate when I speak about it.

So while these essays were to shed light on how cultural differences can affect the individual learning to maneuver and struggle within the English language, I found they also have value for those who are generational separated in the hall of academia.

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I leave you with a quote Min-Zhan Lu that started her essay as food for thought:A story about a little girl Author: Min-zhan Lu() Born: Shanghai, China Teaching: United States Speaks English and Chinese (Mandarin) ACTIVITY! Dillon, Sean, Una, Mary,Cami Some people in the life will move from one place to another place or from one culture to another.

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The Warring States period (Chinese: 戰國時代; pinyin: Zhànguó shídài) was an era in ancient Chinese history of warfare, as well as bureaucratic and military reforms and consolidation, following the Spring and Autumn period and concluding with the Qin wars of conquest that saw the annexation of all other contender states, which ultimately led to .

Min-Zhan Lu has a different approach to communicating her personal experiences. Writing style aside, Min-Zhan Lu has much in common with Amy Tan. Both share a passion for the English language, Lu being a teacher of English at Drake University, as well as the writer of several important articles.

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