Marley and me movie review

You will never see a more realistic movie about a family and a dog. Jan 03, I absolutely loved this movie. Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson did a great job in my opinion. Favourite movie I've seen for a while.

Marley and me movie review

Marley and me movie review

PG Much like any other dog, Marley is a canine on a mission: A mission to ruin lives and breed evil. Well, at least in the minds of John and Jenny Gorgan that is.

Marley and me movie review

From the rambunctious behavior to the acts of public indecency, Marley is easily one of the worst dogs to ever be allowed indoors. But as time flies by, and the overly active pup begins to age, his rowdy antics grow on his adoptive family, making for one of the most touching and relatable films of Based off the popular novel by John Gorgan, Marley and Me is a story of love, affection and letting go.

It is a film about growing old, learning to cope and looking at the best of any situation. It has heart, a soul and most importantly, it has emotion.

Marley and Me Blu-ray

Together, all three aspects comprise to form a touching tale, one that will stay with you long after you leave the theater. Sharing an unbelievably strong bond from start to finish, the two leading stars work with one another, as well as Marley, creating a believable relationship of love, hope and aspiration.

Additionally, the film's premise, though a bit frustrating at times, features a mixture of emotions that works perfectly with the story's main message. Dealing with the joys and excitement that result from a family dog, the film expresses itself through the smiles and laughter of the Gorgans.

The way their eyes light up at the sight of Marley not only reminds us all of our own childhood pet, but creates a gleeful feeling in the dark pit of our stomach.

But like they always do, films can't be completely favorable. Representing the way a dog effects those around him, Marley's journey through life is portrayed in full force throughout the film.

The ending is emotionally difficult, especially for dog lovers like myself. But the film's waning moments were dealt with delicately, making you feel as if the ending, done any other way, would be a dishonor to the film, its message, and most importantly, Marley himself.

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1. If you want to see a grown man cry, make him watch 'Marley and Me'. It is based on a true story, a best-selling memoir by John Grogan. The whole movie is hilarious but the ending will bring even your grumpy, old uncle to tears. Dec 16,  · Based on John Grogan's book, the heartwarming MARLEY AND ME successfully portrays what it's like when an abnormally exuberant family member takes center stage.

Because, make no mistake, Marley is a full-fledged member of the Grogan family.3/5. The wonderful new movie Marley and Me shows that animals are a part of the family, for better or for worse, and when we bring them into our homes, we are making a lifetime commitment.

This is a reminder that we all need to hear. Review: I was warned by a few friends not to see Marley & Me because it is sad I didn’t listen to the naysayers, and I am glad. Sure, it is a tearjerker in some areas. Sure, it is a tearjerker in some areas. At its simplest, Marley & Me is the story of the growth and development of a family: husband, wife, kids, and dog.

Marley, a yellow Lab, is as much a member of the family as any of the humans - a situation that anyone with a pet can relate to.

Aug 16,  · This movie follows Marley through all his fun puppy hi-jinx alongside his friend Brodi (played by cutie Travis Turner)! Marley and Me is available to Author: Kidzworld.

Marley & Me Movie Review