How to write a script for a movie template for imovie

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How to write a script for a movie template for imovie

Gameplay[ edit ] In The Movies, players get the chance to run their own movie studio.

how to write a script for a movie template for imovie

The game can be divided into three main areas — designing the movie studio, forging the careers of film stars and making films. It is possible to focus on any of those areas that appeal most, and spend less time on the others. The game plays through from the birth of cinema to the present day and into the near future, with all the technology and historical advances that occur along that timeline.

After the movies have been made, they can be played back for the viewer to watch. It is possible once the movie is made to add voice, text and music in post-production.

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The two most important types of staff in the game are actors and directors, referred to as "stars" in the game. In order to keep stars in a positive mood, the player will need to give them a salary the stars deem satisfactory relative to their successan image the stars deem decent, a trailer of good quality, and a large entourage.

Stars can also get stressed or bored, depending on how many movies the player puts them in. Each star has different thresholds regarding when they will get stressed or bored.

If stars get stressed, they will resort to alcoholism or over-eating. Actors play a big role in The Movies. An actor's age and physique affects the quality of movies.

Scary-looking actors are suited for horror roles. Younger, more handsome looking actors are more suited for romance movie roles.

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All actors and directors will retire at age However, depending on a Star's experience in the movie's genre, the movie's quality will go up if they have an adequate level of experience, or down if they do not have enough experience. All films require crew members to carry out the filming process.

Early films just require a camera operator and a clapperboard operator, but more advanced films require boom mike operators, lighting controllers and other specialised crew members.

Other staff include extras which can be promoted to Star status if they are good enoughjanitorsscientistsscriptwriters, builders, and crew members.

The studio lot is where sets and buildings are built. In order to increase the 'prestige' of the studio lot, the studio must be neat, free of litter, well laid out and with areas of grass, trees and decoration. Buildings must also be linked together by paths.

Buildings and sets also decay, thus decreasing the quality of movies that they appear in. They will eventually become unusable if they do not receive maintenance or repair by staff.

how to write a script for a movie template for imovie

The game begins with four rival studios, and six studios are added later. No more studios open for business after the year There is no limit on movie length.A trailer follows a template to create a Hollywood-style movie advertisement. iMovie for iOS has 14 trailer templates, and each has its own musical score and graphics.

To make your own trailer, choose a template, insert your text, and fill each shot with a video or photo.

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