Horse training and boarding business plan

Share on Facebook A love of horses and the ability to manage a business is just the start when it comes to opening your own equine facility. You also need a business plan that details the costs associated with all of the equipment and stock you must buy to make the facility viable. Besides giving you an operational guide for running your facility, the plan might also come in handy in seeking the funding necessary to buy or lease land, erect buildings and acquire stock if you need funding to get the business off the ground.

Horse training and boarding business plan

They found a property that seemed ideal for their needs, so they visited their bank to apply for a mortgage. But the first thing the banker asked for was a business plan. But a good one can make the difference between success and failure, profit and loss.

A business plan is vital even if you already own horse property and plan to expand its use to boarding horses and giving lessons.

horse training and boarding business plan

Without one, you may not realize the hidden costs involved in turning your hobby into a business. It takes a bit of time and thought to putting together a good business plan, but in the long run you will be glad you did.

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Describe what industry your business is in, the size of the facility you have in mind, and the physical structures included in the facility. Ellen and George Smith Horsemanship will be a moderately sized equestrian facility that provides horse boarding, horse training, and riding instruction services.

In the horse stable, we plan to take in boarded horses, horses in training, and lesson horses.

horse training and boarding business plan

Lessons will be provided in western riding reining, barrel racing, and western pleasure and English riding dressage, jumping, eventing, and english pleasure. This property consists of 30 acres and a farmhouse. Twenty of these acres will be devoted to farmland.

We plan to build a 30 stall horse barn, an indoor lighted arena, and an outdoor lighted arena. We will also fence the entire property, and cross fence to provide smaller turnout pastures for the horses. The property is a prime location, near public land for trail ridingand only 20 minutes from the county fairgrounds.

A good business plan answers these four questions: What is the business? Who are your potential clients and competitors? Who will manage the business? How much money do you have to invest and how will you use the money you borrow? Describe your targeted clientele, and give some idea how many there are in your area, and how you plan to attract them to your business.

Many new homeowners are attracted to this area due to its proximity to public land suitable for horseback riding, and the availability of county fairgrounds which frequently hold equestrian shows and competions. This indicates that a large segment of this market will be under-served in the next few years.

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Breakeven analysis from our 3 year income projections indicates that this section of our business will not be highly profitable. The main source of our income is projected to be from lessons and training with George Ellen Smith.

This is a crucial part of our business plan. We plan to advertise our horse business through the use of a website, Facebook page, yellow pages, and flyers at all local feed stores, tack stores, and other venues dealing with horses.

Ellen Smith has been successfully blogging about her Eventing activities for three years, and has an active viewership. Click to set custom HTML 3. Describe who will manage your business, and who will deliver the services you plan to offer.

Ellen and George Smith will be the owners and general managers of the facility. Ellen is a successful Intermediate Level Event competitor with strong ties to the community. George Smith is a champion barrel racer who also has a degree in business.

Ellen and George Smith Horsemanship, Inc.

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Ereidi Farm horse training business plan executive summary. Ereidi Farm is an ongoing business providing colt training, broodmare care, racehorse rehabiliation and other services to the Thoroughbred racehorse industry/5(7). Equine Acres horse boarding real estate business plan executive summary.

Equine Acres develops real estate into retreat/resort boarding for horses. Retail sales of supplies and horse-care services/5(4). Non-Domestic Rates, or Business Rates, collected by local authorities are the way that those who occupy non-domestic property contribute towards the cost of local services.

The following business plan provides details on purchasing an existing business in need of improvement and additional construction.

Highlights include detailed explanations of services, cost/benefit analysis, and the equipment and financing needed for a boarding and grooming business with a special niche in breeding and handling.

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