Grand canyon scavenger hunt

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Grand canyon scavenger hunt

Want to liven things up with a fun activity that can be done anytime, anywhere, for the cost of a few trinkets or treats?

Send them on a scavenger hunt! And you can turn almost anything into a scavenger hunt! Why a Scavenger Hunt? Scavenger hunts are fun!

They add something extra to ordinary events and make them memorable. A scavenger hunt adds an element of competition, urgency and excitement to any everyday event and makes it something special.

You can make almost anything—even chores—into a game by turning it into a scavenger hunt. In a treasure hunt, players follow a series of clues, often posed as riddles, along a predetermined path that leads to a treasure.

The player or team who follows all of the clues and finds the treasure first wins. Treasure hunts lead players from clue to clue until they find the treasure.

Lisa Mason Scavenger hunts start with a list of things to find or do and a time limit. There is no set path as players scavenge around and search for all of the items on the list. The player or team who finds everything on the list first or finds the most items before the time is up wins.

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Scavenger hunts give players a list of things to find. The first to find them all wins. The players search for things that already exist. All you have to do is make a list and provide a prize for the winner.

Choose Teams Divide the group into two teams. He or she can go on a solo scavenger hunt and have just as much fun. Avoid placing all of the big kids or more dominant kids on one team and all the little or more timid kids on another.

Assign buddies to help them keep up. Or place all of the little kids on a team together and give them a separate easier or shorter list.

Contributors Complete the activities for the suggested age level. Attend a walk or talk led by a ranger and get a signature.

Explain the Rules Look at your scavenger hunt list before gathering the kids to play. Think about rules you want them to follow during the hunt and be sure to explain the rules before you hand out the lists to your teams.

Establish clear parameters and make sure all players understand them before you start.

Junior Rangers

Where are the start and finish lines? What are the physical boundaries for the hunt? By what time must players return to the finish line? Review the things on the list before you start. Show samples or give clear descriptions of each item.

Establish rules for hunting. Can items be gathered in any order or do players need to stick to the order on the list? Is it OK to collect multiple items from a single place, or is each location limited to one? Can the team split up, or do they need to stay together and collect everything as a group?


Explain how the lists will be verified at the end of the hunt. Who will check the lists and determine a winner? Is there anything that would disqualify an item?

Avoid using weighted point systems for the items on the list. Give Them the Tools Give each team a copy of the scavenger hunt list and at least two pens or pencils.

A clipboard is helpful, too.Munising area waterfalls.

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The Associated Students of Grand Canyon University (ASGCU) hosted a photo scavenger hunt.

Grand canyon scavenger hunt

No photo scavenger hunt is complete without poorly lit, out of focus photos and hey, isn’t that Beiber? Just For Kids! Junior Rangers.

The Junior Ranger program provides activities to help children learn more about the Grand Canyon and Grand Canyon National Park, The activities to be completed are tasks such as finding animals, scavenger hunt bingo, crossword puzzle or word search.

Complete the Scavenger Hunt to gain a general knowledge about the Grand Canyon (If you loose your scavenger hunt worksheet, click on the link at the bottom of the page to print out a new one) Process. Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years.

We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state.

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