Furniture restoration business plan

Service Furniture Restoration Business Idea Starting a furniture restoration business is an excellent small business idea that can grow into one that can bring in a sizeable income.

Furniture restoration business plan

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Twitter In these difficult economic times, people are looking for low prices on high-quality products — and furniture is no exception.

Purchasing new pieces of furniture is very costly, and that is why starting a part-time furniture restoration business from home is such a great way to make extra money.

Starting a Furniture Repair Business. 3 comments; 16, views; Furniture repair businesses are as old as the furniture business itself. If you are planning on starting one on your own, here are some basic things you need: permits and licenses for your business, a workshop, and your own list of affordable yet dependable suppliers for . Starting a furniture restoration business is an excellent small business idea that can grow into one that can bring in a sizeable income.. Many people treasure furniture passed down through generations as heirlooms, so there is a very profitable market out there. Best of all, antique furniture restoration can be combined with furniture . May 03,  · Edit Article How to Start an Antique Restoration Business. In this Article: Finding the Right Market Starting a Business Finding Antiques to Restore Restoring the Antiques Community Q&A Restoring antiques can be a fun and lucrative way to make money. The initial investment is usually quite low, and you can begin making money very quickly%(6).

Working part-time on furniture refurbishing, you will spend time searching for older pieces of furniture that just need a little tender loving care.

With this unique business opportunity, you can work part-time from home to make extra money. Set your own rates and your own hours.

The majority of your time will be spent sanding old finish and replacing it with a shiny new coat. You might also need to replace or tighten screws, add shiny new hardware or glue pieces of furniture back together. You can sell your newly refurbished pieces of furniture from home, on the internet, at consignment shops or flea markets.

Starting a Furniture Repair Business

People are interested in quality products at low prices. This is a business opportunity that will allow you to offer a product that is in-demand — and at lower prices than the going market. Work as much or as little as you want at your part-time refurbishment business. You should be able to use thinks like a screwdriver, hammer and possibly even a power sander.

Furniture Refinishing Business | MOTHER EARTH NEWS

Finally, you need organization skills to sell your newly restored and refurbished items. Depending on the number of tools you already own, you might need to purchase a few basic items. A power sander is especially valuable for furniture refurbishing. You also need to invest in one or two pieces of furniture to work on.

These costs are minimal if you shop for bargains at garage sales or thrift stores. Paints, stains, sandpaper and finishes are relatively inexpensive and a little bit goes a long way.

What’s Involved In A Furniture Restoration Business

Time to Break Even: Part-time refurbishment business is a creative process that can be very rewarding. You can start this business opportunity right in your own home and begin crafting beautiful pieces that buyers will love.To get your budding restoration or upcycling business on the right track, consider writing a business plan.

Create your company strategy by researching your local market, writing a list of popular furniture items, figuring out your niche, and coming up with a few places to sell your finished products.

furniture restoration business plan

How to start a home-based furniture restoration business including pros and cons, and steps to getting your first customer.

as well as the art and era of furniture, especially if you plan to work on antiques. If you plan to refurbish furniture in your home, check with the zoning laws in your area. Over the past two years, I have had lots of people in my upcycling classes who want to take it one step further and would like to set up an upcycling business or sell their own furniture.

If you have a love for antiques, or truly enjoy finding old pieces of furniture and restoring them to their former glory, starting an antique furniture restoration business may .

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Make money with a home furniture refinishing business that requires little start-up investment. (See the furniture refinishing photos in the image gallery.) For the past five years, our two-person.

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