Forensic scientist research paper essay

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Forensic scientist research paper essay

The origin of the manuscript, describing its creation, addressing the questions where, when, who, how, how long etc.


The history of the manuscript, describing its whereabouts and who owned it until present The history of the research and analysis of the MS This page addresses the third part, the history of the research and analysis of the manuscript.

Overview When Wilfrid Voynich first saw the manuscript, he considered when it may have been written, and by whom. According to his publication 1and some letters that are still preserved in the Beinecke library, he initially considered two 13th Century authors, namely Albertus Magnus and Roger Bacon, but soon settled on the latter.

This may have been prompted by Forensic scientist research paper essay reference to Bacon in the letter from Marci, which he found folded inside the MS.

Seven or more years later he embarked on a study of the history of the MS, in which his aim was to confirm this provenance. It is clear from the way in which he performed his search, as demonstrated by documents preserved as collateral material to the Voynich MS in the Beinecke library, that Voynich was firmly convinced that this MS was from Roger Bacon.

For the history of research of the Voynich MS we will have to start by going back further in time. Already centuries before Voynich people have attempted to solve the puzzle presented by the Voynich MS, primarily that of its unintelligible text.

Forensic scientist research paper essay

The earliest research Evidence of earlier attempts to decipher the text of the Voynich MS is visible on its first folio f1r. In the right-hand margin there is a faded, or possibly erased cipher table, which is only partly visible even under UV illumination.

It has three columns. The first has characters of the Latin alphabet. The second, which seems aligned with the first, has what looks like the characters of the Voynich MS but they are barely visible.

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The third column, slightly more displaced, again has Latin characters, but shifted up by one position, at least in the beginning. The first attractive idea could be that this is the key to the MS, left here for us by its author.

However, as we know from character entropy analysis and other statistical analyses 2simple substitution of the Voynich MS characters into the Latin alphabet will not yield a meaningful text in any known language that was written in this way.

Therefore, this table is most likely to be a decipherer's attempt, although Dr. Gerhard Strasser proposes an interesting alternative, by which these are notes made by a later owner, who is creating his own code from the cipher alphabet of the Voynich MS 3.

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We don't know when this cipher table was written, or by whom. Like the ex libris of Jacobus de Tepenec, which is found on the same page, it is faded, and if both were erased possibly at the same timethen perhaps it predates Kircher as an erasure of the name is more likely to have been done before the MS was sent to Kircher.

Both Barschius and Marci would be prime suspects here. Barschius Georgius Barschius or Baresch wrote one letter to Kircher that has been preserved, and in this letter he also refers to an earlier submission to Kircher of some samples of the writing of the MS.

Both from this letter ofand from the Marci letter accompanying the Voynich MS 4it is clear that Barschius must have spent many years trying to read the Voynich MS text. We know from Barschius' letter that he thought that the MS described medicinal wisdom from the Orient, brought to Europe by a traveller.

We don't know why Barschius was of this opinion, but at least two possibilities immediately present themselves. The first is related to the story of Leonhard Rauwolf, a physician and herbalist who is famous for his travels to the Orient, during which he collected herbs and plants which he dried and pasted into some of the earliest herbaria viva that have come down to us.

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As described in the previous page related to the history of the MSRauwolf's herbals were brought to emperor Rudolf II and sold to him. Did Barschius know about this? The second, even more interesting possibility is that Barschius may have been familiar with an early printed herbal known as the German Herbarius or 'Herbarius zu Teutsch', sometimes also called the German Ortus Sanitatis 5.

The preface of this herbal says that its originator was a rich man, who had travelled in the east, and that the medical part of the MS was compiled under his direction by a physician.

The latter is believed to have been Dr Johann von Cube, who was town physician of Frankfurt at the end of the fifteenth century. Since Barschius also writes in his letter that 'the volume contains pictures of exotic plants which have escaped observation here in Germany' 6 there is the intriguing possibility that Barschius owned, or at least used, a copy of this German herbal.

Barschius was an alchemist, interested in its application to medicine 7. We can only guess what Barschius really knew about the origin of the MS.- Forensic Science Forensic science is a scientific method of gathering and examining evidence. Crimes are solved with examinations such as gathering fingerprints, palm prints, footprints, tooth bite prints, blood, hair and fiber samples (assampolice, par.

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