Essay about camaraderie

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Essay about camaraderie

Military Camaraderie in the Civilian World? Tom Wolfe Several years ago one of my clients asked me if he should expect the same level of camaraderie in a civilian job as he had in the military. My answer was no, and yes. There is nothing in the civilian workforce that can approximate the bonding that occurs in the wardroom, ready room, or foxhole.

Military personnel in those environments put up with much hardship -- long hours, stressful working conditions, danger to personal safety, separation from loved ones, and more.

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However, because they all in it together, they get through it. Other than perhaps the professions of law enforcement, fire fighting, and emergency medicine notice the common denominatorit would be difficult to find a civilian occupation that approximates the conditions of the foxhole.

It follows therefore that finding the military version of camaraderie in a civilian occupation is almost impossible. Some people do get close however and often it is simply a matter of time. Because of the high frequency of duty station rotation in the service, it is important that the system accommodates these transitions.

Getting onboard and up-to-speed quickly contributes to the automatic "welcome to the club" experience that awaits most military personnel when they report to a new duty station. This contributes to the camaraderie of military service.

Civilians do not do it that way. Many military-to-civilian career changers will tell you that although they did not find the camaraderie and esprit de corps initially in their civilian jobs, it did start to develop in the first 12 to 18 months of employment.

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This delay is due in part to the fact that unlike in the military where you are quickly welcomed "to the club," in the civilian sector you have to earn this membership over time. You might also have to take the initiative.

Essay about camaraderie

Do not expect the Welcome Wagon to pull up in front of your house the first week on the job if ever nor should you line up a baby sitter in anticipation of your "Welcome Aboard" party.

Those things or their equivalents will come, but it takes time. The kind of people with whom you work and the corporate culture of the organization will influence the feeling of camaraderie.

Take a look at the people in those military foxholes.

Essay about camaraderie

They share much in the way of values, ethics, commitment, sacrifice, reliability, citizenship, and courage. Can the same be said of the civilian workplace? Maybe yes, maybe no. Is there a lesson here?

As you transition from the military to civilian sector and as you appraise opportunities and offers, in addition to things like money, location, benefits, growth potential, and job satisfaction, perhaps there is one more issue to consider -- are these my kind of people?Enjoy the best benefit of your service.

General Requirements. The AFRH provides eligible veterans with supportive care and shared camaraderie. Just like you experienced in your service days. When it comes to a successful essay, the most crucial step is the planning.

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