Consumer behaviour towards apple

The Psychological Factors are the factors that talk about the psychology of an individual that drive his actions to seek satisfaction. Some of the important Psychological Factors are: The level of motivation influences the buying behavior of the consumers. It is very well explained by Maslow through his need hierarchy theory comprising of basic needs, security needs, social needs, esteem needs and self-actualization needs.

Consumer behaviour towards apple

The operation of online store combines with the products, which achieves money making aim and convenient to customer using.

Moreover, great customer service gains good reputation and loyalty from customers.

Consumer behaviour towards apple

However, high price is the main barrier of sales growth, it gives space to competitors of the same industry. Company spent large cost in advertising to promote popularity on market every year.

In the age aspect, it focused on teenagers and adults. Share option scheme, great paid vacation program, quarterly bonus and discretionary bonuses. Regular training, store leader program and education class. Strategic position According to the Cliff Bowman strategic clock, iPhone is based at the 4th option of strategic clock implementing a broad differentiation strategy.

Consumer behaviour towards apple

The price of iPhone is higher than other competitors, but it offered good quality, high-technology and customer service, due to the attractive operating system, obtains large customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Basis on the unique operating system, it carried a marvelous Retina display, characteristic and creative appearance.

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Considered the market demand, the main features are fast operating spend and diversity applications, which even changed lifestyle of people, in spite of the high price, which make iPhone4 to achieve a competitive advantage.

By analyzing, we could know a part of advantages of Apple, which achieved Apple become the most valuable company in the world and how apple effect consumer behaviour.

If you have any other advice or thoughts, please comment below.A consumer segmentation section in the report breaks down the Indonesia’s consumers by specific age groups, ranging from babies and infants to pensioners; highlighting the factors that influence purchasing decisions and the products in greatest demand for each segment.

Using a discrete choice modelling tool developed as part of SA’s consumer Tablet survey, we examine the extent of Apple dominance due to the power of its brand and ecosystem in the minds of consumers. Celebrities have come to play a major part in modern culture. For many people, film and TV stars, athletes, pop stars, the royal family, chefs and business tycoons serve as arbiters of taste, morality and public opinion, thus impacting on buying behaviour.

What is Consumer Behaviour ?

Consumer Behaviour or the Buyer Behaviour is referred to the behaviour that is displayed by the individual while they are buying, consuming or disposing any particular product or services.

These behaviours can be affected by multiple factors. Oct 19,  · Apple Inc. Established by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, on April 1, in Cupertino, California, and incorporated January 3, , the company was previously named Apple Computer Inc., for the first 30 years, until January 9, , the company decided to remove the word “Computer”, called Apple Inc., which is an American multinational.

“Consumer behavior is the study of individuals, groups, or organizations and the processes they use to select, secure, and dispose of products, services, experiences, or ideas to satisfy needs and the impacts that these processes have.

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