Beispiel business plan freiberufler kostenlos

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Beispiel business plan freiberufler kostenlos

beispiel business plan freiberufler kostenlos

This central location has been more pronounced since 3rd Octoberwhen Germany was reunited. Reunified Germany now is now the sixth largest country in Europe with an area ofsquare milessq. Western Germany comprises just over twothirds of this - 96, square miles compared with 41, square miles in the former Eastern Germany.

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Germany extends beispiel business plan freiberufler kostenlos from its northern border with Denmark to the Alps in the south, and at its widest kilometres from the Belgian border in the west to the Polish frontier in the east.

The total length of the country's borders is 3, kilometres. Population Germany has a population of approximately About one fifth of this population live in the former GDR.

The Federal Republic of Germany is a densely populated country, with a population density of persons per square kilometre.

More than half the German people live in towns with a population of between 2, andThere are 86 larger towns and cities with more than inhabitants spread throughout the country. The five largest cities are Berlin, the official capital with a population of 3,, Hamburg 1,Munich 1,Cologne, and FrankfurtThere are 7, foreigners currently living in Germany, which is equal to 8.

Just over two million of these come from Turkey, with other sizable immigrant communities coming from the former Yugoslavia, Italy, Greece, Africa and Eastern Europe. Climate The Federal Republic's climate is determined by its location in a zone of temperate climatic conditions with frequent weather changes.

There is precipitation all the year round. In the winter the average temperature is between 1. Progressing from the northwest to the east and southeast, the maritime climate gradually changes into a more continental climate.

Geography The whole of northern Germany, through which run the Weser, the Elbe, and smaller rivers, is set in the North European Plain. The Rhine Basin encompasses some of the most beautiful landscape and best wine-growing regions in Europe.

Towards the east, this consists of morainic hills containing fertile loess soil. More than a quarter of the whole of Germany is covered with forest. In the west are the Ruhr coalfields, while in the east there are large lignite deposits.

Southward the ground gradually rises to the Black Forest der Schwarzwaldand the Swabian Jura, with dense pine forests and moorland, and potash, salt, and other minerals. In Bavaria, further south, the land becomes rugged.

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Here are patches of mountain pasture and lakes; to the east is the deep Danube valley. Economy Germany is one of the most highly-industrialised and economically powerful countries in the world. The economic system is classed as a social market economy within which competition has become very pronounced.

Unemployment is a problem, not only in the new Federal States. The major sectors of the economy are manufacturing industry, service industries and trade, and transport. Great political importance is attached to environmental protection which is a major concern of the people.

When the Roman empire collapsed eight Germanic kingdoms were created, but in the 8th century Charlemagne consolidated these kingdoms under the Franks. The region became part of the Holy Roman Empire inand almost years later was invaded by the Mongols.

A period of unrest followed until when the long rule of the Habsburgs began.

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The kingdom, now made up of hundreds of states, was torn apart during the Thirty Years War; when this ended with the Peace of Westphalia inthe Elector of Brandenburg-Prussia emerged as a force ready to challenge Austrian supremacy. By the end of the Napoleonic Wars, the alliance of separate German states that had existed within the Holy Roman Empire had been reduced to thirty-eight.

At the Congress of Vienna these were formed into a loose grouping, the German Confederation, under Austrian leadership. The Confederation was dissolved as a result of the Austro-Prussian Warand in all northern Germany formed a new North German Confederation under Prussian leadership.

This was in turn dissolved inand the new German Second empire proclaimed.dsc_ October 9, × Past Pups. Previous Image.

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beispiel business plan freiberufler kostenlos

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