Academic writing paraphrasing exercises for high school

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Academic writing paraphrasing exercises for high school

The following are practical steps for writing a good paraphrase: Read and reread the text until you have a good understanding of the main idea and the details.

Put the text away and write down what you remember without looking at the text Compare the original with the paraphrase: Does it have the same meaning?

Did you leave out any essential details? Do you use too many exact words? Circle all of the words that are repeated in the original and your paraphrase. Are there any you could change? If words are general and unnecessary to switch for example: If there is a phrase that is either too difficult to translate or just really well-written as is, use quotation marks within your paraphrase.

However, these should be used sparingly. Names do not have to be changed. Start with individual sentences at first until students get the hang of it. An example dialogue between the teacher and the class could be as follows: Now what are the words we cannot replace in this sentence?

Can we replace jump? What about off the ground? We can talk about other animals. Nursery rhymes work very well for this, especially if students are familiar with these nursery rhymes.

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For example, paraphrases of Humpty Dumpty may look something like this: Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. While sitting on a wall one day, an egg had an accident which resulted in tragedy because no one in the kingdom could repair him.

The kingdom mourned the loss of Humpty because he was broken beyond repair when he fell from the wall. Longer paragraphs are really unnecessary to paraphrase as summarizing would be a more effective and realistic skill for longer texts.

These will prepare students well for encountering quotes and facts in academic articles. Games like Taboo work well and encourage students to develop their vocabulary and expand their language to explain words in other ways.

For advanced students, you can play a variation of Taboo with sentences. Each student is given a short sentence which they must get the class to guess.

They must use synonyms and other phrases to get their team to recreate the original sentence. Learning to paraphrase will help students to increase their reading comprehension and be better readers and writers while preparing them for academic situations.

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academic writing paraphrasing exercises for high school

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